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Holistic Therapy

Currently Serving all of California via Telehealth

Therapy for
Identity Exploration

Are you looking for support to explore what feels most true and authentic to you?
  • Are you questioning your sexual identity or gender identity?


  • Are you looking for a supportive person to talk to that will help you find what feels like you to you?


  • Are you wanting to feel free to be yourself despite the homophobia and/or transphobia of others?

You don't have to journey this process alone.

From our work together, you can:
  • Gain insight into which self-expressions and experiences feel most authentic to you.

  • Discover tools to help soothe your nervous system to feel calm during challenging conversations and interactions with others.

  • Connect with your younger parts who didn't get to be fully expressed to allow them to heal.

  • Connect to the wonder of being you!

Feeling confident and secure in expressing your authentic identities are possible.
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