Holistic Psychotherapy

Currently Serving all of California via Telehealth

Therapy for Anxiety

Let's explore your experiences and implement resources to enhance feelings of calm and safety.

Does your anxiety make it feel challenging to relax?

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about decisions or challenges?


Do you often have a feeling inside that something bad is going to happen? Does your anxiety sometimes get so intense that if feels completely debilitating?


When dating or in relationships, do you worry about what the other person is feeling, and find yourself bracing for the ending?

Anxiety can feel crazy-making. You are not crazy. Through therapy we will slowly build internal resources to help you increase experiences of peace and ease.

My Approach

I work with anxiety using a combination of DBT, NARM (the NueroAffective Relational Model), and relational therapy. Anxiety is often here to help communicate something to us, and recognizing what that is allows us to address the symptom at it's root. Through the relational component of the therapy, we create an experience of safety in a relationship, allowing for the nervous system to settle both inside and outside of the therapy room. 

From our therapy work together, you can:
  • Gain insight into what the anxiety is responding to and why it is there.

  • Discover tools to help soothe your nervous system.

  • Experience the benefits of the nervous system settling and feeling safety within.

  • Begin to feel safe in connection with others.

It’s possible to decrease your anxiety and find calm in your body so that you feel confident in your ability to handle what comes your way.