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Holistic Therapy

Currently Serving all of California via Telehealth

Therapy for
Pre-Teens and Teens

 Let's gently explore your experiences and implement resources to enhance feelings of calm, self-confidence, and self-compassion.


You feel worried about your child's emotional well-being and are at a loss for how to help them. When interacting with them, they generally seem unhappy. When you ask them how they are feeling, they shrug, reply with irritation, and/or reply with an "I'm fine." You are searching for supportive measures for the spark to come back to your child's eyes and to re-establish the loving connection you two shared.

Pre-Teens & Teens

You generally don't feel well and might not be sure why. It feels like you're drowning and that no one can see it. Sometimes you feel angry. Sometimes you feel sad. Sometimes you feel numb. You find yourself wondering if it can ever get better. You're searching for relief from the pain and wanting the ability to enjoy your life.

You may be struggling with eating and body image. Maybe you restrict food and wish you could avoid eating all-together. You may wish you could avoid eating, and then find yourself eating a lot and feeling out of control. You are wanting relief from the cycle, the capacity to enjoy food, and to feel comfortable in your body.

COVID-19 has presented unique challenges for youth on-top of the already challenging task of growing-up. Through our therapy, I will be there to support you in managing and healing your symptoms so that you experience more ease in your daily life.

Through working together, you can:

  • Gain insight into why you are experiencing your symptoms.

  • Develop tools to help decrease the distress.

  • Increase your self-compassion and self-confidence.

  • Begin to uncover the wonder of being you!

It’s possible feel inner-stability, joy, and confident in your ability to handle life's challenges.
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