Holistic Psychotherapy

Currently Serving all of California via Telehealth

Helping you find stability, connection, and joy.

The decision to begin therapy is a powerful one. We learn about ourselves and grow through relationships, and the therapeutic relationship is a supportive catalyst for positive change and healing.


Hi, I'm Rebecca (you can call me Becca).

I'm here to support you in your healing journey. Together we will compassionately explore what is getting in the way of the meaningful change your heart desires. I will be there to sit with you through the challenges, celebrate your joys, and guide you through distressing symptoms to find your safety within and greater ease in your day-to-day life.

My areas of focus are working with adults, adolescents, and pre-teens who are seeking help with anxiety, eating disorder recovery, complex trauma, and identity exploration.

What You Can Experience Through Our Work Toghether
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Find Calm and Safety in Your Body

Trauma often causes a disruption in the nervous system, making it challenging to find moments of calm and peace. Together we will work with your body and nervous system to heal the disruptions, allowing for increased experiences of feeling safe, grounded, and calm within your  body.

Re-Unite With Your Authentic Self

We don't fit in a box. Humans are beautifully complex and diverse. As we grow-up, we are socialized into a family and society that have ideas of who we should be. We learn to take on certain identities and traits that don't feel aligned with who we really are. Our deepest freedom is found when we unravel all that we have become to fit in, and allow ourselves to express our authentic selves.

Enjoy Connection With Others

As we come into relationship with our authentic selves, and heal the disruptive patterns of the nervous system, connection with others begins to feel more comfortable and natural; whether that be with a lover, friends, family, or others. As our hearts feel safe to connect authentically with other hearts, life becomes more fulfilling. 

However you come to therapy is perfect - you can't do this wrong.

It takes strength to ask for support, and I'm glad you are reaching out.

Let's Connect.

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